Saturday, August 1, 2009

A big scare!

So I just thought I would share: My oldest daughter Courtney (19) and her boyfriend are "back-packing the world" they have been on their journey for a about a month now. She calls me every Thursday and we communicate via email the rest of the week since she has a solar panel for her laptop.
Thursday I didn't hear from her and about 11:30 pm I got a phone call, I was expecting it to be her...but it was the Wisconsin Police heart sunk when he introduced himself. He asked if I was related to Courtney or Bill, then asked if she plays the violin. Of course my first thought that all that is left of her...her violin. Then he went on to say that she had accidentally left it in someone's car, they had turned it in and it contained their passports inside the case.
I just have to say that there are some fabulous people in Wisconsin, for turning in the violin & passports....the police even delivered it to her this afternoon!
Of course this still is not easy on me, not knowing exactly where she is and that she is safe...but it is heart warming to know there are good people watching out for her (for me).

{pic: Auntie Courtney & Uncle Bill with baby Hunter}



pballard said...

Wonderful story. We need more of those stories in this world we live in. Take care and would love to catch up sometime. hugs Pam

Anna said...

Men you must have been scared at the beginning of that converstation. Happy ending are always the best ! Fun pic

Heidi E. said...

Glad that they got their stuff back. This is awesome that she is backpacking. How exciting for them both. I hope my Daughter does something like that when she gets older. I had always planned in doing so when I graduated but never pursued it. My cousins did though.