Sunday, March 15, 2009

Baby Hunter 3D ultrasound

This is just crazy to me! I wish they had this technology back when I was having babies. He looks pretty darn cute, only 2 months to go. So Hunter is due May 13...which btw is on my birthday, it will be amazing to be able to meet my first grandchild on my birthday. All my children were early by a week or so, so I'm guessing May 7th. Guess we'll see in a few short months!

We also had a baby shower today, I made these adorable flowers pots with an ultrasound pic of Hunter on the back of the flower. And a diaper not to eat, just a fun gift that makes a great decoration...made by rolling diapers up, hold them together with a large rubber band and use dowels inside to hold the layers together! It was a super fun project to make and I think it turned out pretty cute for my first one! When I walked in with the "cake" my daughter thought it was a real It was fun to meet most of Kyles family and nice to see he will be raised with the love of many!

A pic of the proud parents: my dd Kelsey and Kyle.
Hope life is treating everyone well!