Wednesday, November 12, 2008

Veteran's day...

Happy Veteran's day (better late than never!) we spent yesterday morning at a Memorial for all the fallen soldiers in Oregon...a wet a rainy day...but a reminder to be ever grateful for all those that ensure our freedom!

A memorial for my are missed Kevin!

Kenzie k gets her advance tickets for TWILIGHT!! I promised her that I would take her to the midnight showing of Twlight but unfortunately I will be out of town so...she is going with some friends....I will have to go see it the next night with her!


Fun project

I made this for my secret sister Tasha...using Rusty Pickle Chocolate bunnies, bling and rub-on's.

Monday, November 10, 2008

Rusty Pickle retreat

Rusty Pickle 2008 retreat!

Picture 1. Group shot. 2. Tiffany in our very messy scrap room. 3. Heidi (2007 Rusty Pickle mini-album winner) & Tiffany show off their creation made with a diaper for Tasha's baby shower. 4. Beckie D with her camera at the ready, Beckie traveled from Scotland to share time with us! 5. A trip to Park city for shopping & Starbucks: Chefs Jill, Kelly, Liby, Kim and Beckie. 6. Chefs Libby, Tracey & Tricia. 7. Fabulous pic of chef Kelly! 8. me on the deck of our amazing winter wonderland cabin! 8. Chefs Libby, Kathie (me) and Laura. 9. Deer...Jill and I spotted them outside the cabin and managed to sneak up pretty close to capture a few pics! 10. View from the deck of the cabin. 11. The amazing chef Jill of Texas! 12. Tasha kickin it in the living room of the cabin. 13. Winter pic 14. Look at all that snow on the deck...I was very thankful I brought my snow boots! 15. Lance builds a snowman! 16. Mason (Lance & Tasha's son) 17. Audrey (Lance & Tasha's daughter) 18. Chef Kim and Alaina. 19. Cutest little baby pickle feet: Andy. 20. Adorable Andy...he is such a good baby! first off a HUGE thank you to Tasha & Lance for the amazing retreat...and HUGE thank you to all those who worked so hard to put it together!
The retreat was in the Mountains of Utah...Heber. We started with a trip to the warehouse for shopping....I really told myself not to buy too much since like most scrappers I have ton's of stuff already. But of course I left with a whole box full of paper, chipboard, buttons and bling!
The first night we were showered with fun new product! we got a die cutting machine: The revolution by Quic Kutz with monograms and a full Alpha set...I have never had a die cutting machine and can't wait to play with it! We also got lot's of cardstock and some Tinkering Ink products! I mailed most of it to myself so I am anxiously awaiting my package!
Each day we had 2 to 3 classes, previewing the up coming classes for Rusty Pickle in 2009, of course I mailed all of those too myself I have nothing to show. On Friday a group of 8 of us went to Park City and spent the afternoon shopping and enjoying each other's company!! Then on Saturday we had a surprise baby shower for Tasha...then she gave us a huge surprise: Tasha & Lance hired a massage therapist to come and give us all a massage!! Such a nice way to end our trip!
It was a fabulous weekend filled with laughter, fun and scrapping!! Who could ask for more??


Sunday, November 2, 2008


I am so excited to head off to the Rusty Pickle Chef Retreat in Utah!! I leave on Wednesday and return on Sunday! It will be a blast to meet some new RP friends and see some that I meet last year! SOOOOOOooooo excited!!! I hope to come back with a ton of new stuff to post! This is a pic for the cover of a Rusty Pickle Swap album that I designed. I made a fabulous secret sister gift...but since it has her name on it I better not post it until after...wouldn't want to give up the secret!

Just have to share this...while out trick or treating on Halloween with my home handed out these Candy coins to all the parents with Voting propaganda! I laughed so hard...It is hilarious that someone would use Halloween Candy for this! I was thinking next election why bother with the candy why not just save up all the pamphlet's that come it the mail to hand out??? Anyway it was a fun Halloween...hope everyone else had a great time too!
oh yeah...don't forget to vote...hehehe!