Sunday, March 30, 2008

A few projects I have finished up

I have really been neglecting my blog...for the past month I have been incredibly busy with work....enough said about that!

I have a Rusty Pickle challenge running right now over at Create my Keepsake....btw today they were kind enough to choose one of my lo's as Layout of the Day....very cool! It ends soon so try to get over and post a Multi-pic lo using 80% Rusty Pickle products.

Here are a few new layouts...enjoy!


Sunday, March 2, 2008

CKC Portland

An amazing Rusty Pickle weekend, I had the opportunity to work at the booth in Portland this weekend...and what a blast we had! Fellow chefs: Alycia & Brenda were there and Eric was the booth manager. For those of you who aren't familar with Eric he is Tasha's brother (Tasha & Lance own Rusty Pickle).

Where do I begin...the set up seemed to be going pretty smoothly: Brenda, Alycia & I thought we were all done...but then Eric had to go pick up some more boxes from UPS. This turned out to be a huge amount product and we ended up working until 11pm when they finally kicked us out of the convention center. We returned to the convention bright and early to finish the booth...just in time for the 9am opening. There was a line of scrappers waiting to get in all down the street and many of them hit the Rusty Pickle booth right away! The booth looked fabulous and everyone loved all our samples! Alycia taught morning classes and Brenda taught afternoon classes while Eric and I worked the booth....we had a constant line the entire weekend, met many awesome people...and I was thrilled to meet a few people from online galleries that I frequent!

The best part of the weekend was getting to know Alycia, Brenda & Eric....I LMAO the entire time...Eric is hilarious and Loves to pose for pictures, he shared his life stories with us and I feel like I have known him forever! Alycia is so flippin cute and sweet & since we live just right down the road from each other we are planning to teach some Rusty Pickle classes together (hopefully every other month). Brenda has the most amazing laugh and sense of humor...Eric and I had her laughing so hard she could hardly even speak! I am proud to be apart of Rusty Pickle and am so thankful to have this oportunity to work along side some amazing people!