Thursday, January 1, 2009

Boxer puppies

It is getting harder and harder to get good pics of these adorable little boxers...they are so full of energy pouncing all over each other & they love to jump up to bite at my camera!

Here is a little update: the puppies were born November 23rd, so they will be 6 weeks old this coming Sunday (January 4th). They will be ready to go anytime after January 15th! I have had a lot of interest in these little cuties....ONLY 3 LEFT! All have had dewclaw's removed, tails cropped, wormed, and will have their first shots. They are all working on paper training! The are purebred but we will not be papering them.

We have 2 boys and one girl are some new pics of them from tonight! To keep them all straight I have given them nicknames:

Blackie: Sold!super sweet mellow little boy, he loves to cuddle but really is a little camera shy! I call him blackie because he is the darkest of the pups, he is a reverse brindle (mostly black with beautiful streaks of red), he has 4 white paws, a white chest and perfect white streak on his face....he is one of the larger pups...never late for meal time!


Dot: sold A sweet little girl, she is so cute!! I call her dot because of her perfect black circle on her nose! She is full of energy and is the most social of the bunch, always the first one to come and give me kisses...she is a sweetheart! She has the wide stripe on her face with the black circle spot on her nose, white paws, and a white strip around her neck.

Stripe: soldThis little boy is the most playful one of the bunch always pouncing on his brothers and sisters, playing tug-of-war is his favorite game! He loves to be the center of attention...and has a whole lot of love to share! He has a thin white stripe on his face, is a beautiful brindle, with white paws and chest!

Little Caesar: SOLDThis little guy looks just like his dad...he is beautiful & very independent! He loves to play & cuddle with stuffed animal's. He is a gorgeous brindle with a perfect white stripe on his face, white paws, chest & stripe around his neck.


dk boy: sold!This little guy takes after his mother with the dark brindle and just a little white on the tips of his toes, chest and chin. He is super sweet, playful, and curious little guy!


Chowder: SOLDThis little boy has been spoken for, he is our only fawn...taking after his grandfather on his mothers side.

Ruby: SOLDThis adorable dark brindle girl is going to a fabulous family in California...she can't wait to meet them face to face!

Thanks for me with any questions!


AzKisses73 said...

Kathie these puppies are so adorable.. I love all the pics..

libbym said...

Hi Ruby! We can't wait to get you!!

Jane said...

oh my goodness....these are so adorable!!!! I love Dot!!!! cute, cute, cute!!!

Beckie Dreyer said...

Why don't you live nearer!? Would have loved one!
Left you a wee something on my blog!