Wednesday, September 24, 2008

going to be a Grandma

That tiny little peanut blur is my grandchild...due May 19th. What will I buy first: It will definately be some cute little outfits!

Speaking of babies: Big news at Rusty Pickle!! Tasha and Lance gave birth to their beautiful baby boy yesterday! Here is the cover of an adorable mini album I put together for them!

Thanks for stoppin by!


Stacey said...

That album is sooooooo cute!!!! Congrats to you too...I bet you are soooo excited!!!!!

Anna said...

Congrats with soon to be a grandma title. I don't see you as someone's grandmother though :-) Look at the tiny little bean. I hope the pregnancy will go well for DD.

I love the album it's so cute and wow you are fast girl !!!

Juli said...

CONGRATS! Sweet May baby! What a perfect Mother's Day (MONTH in my house!) gift! Enjoy the journey!

Jane said...

OMG...your going to join the grandma ranks????? whooohooo!!! Congrats to you!! (it's so much fun!!)