Tuesday, June 10, 2008

Brace Face

OK so I know Brace Face does not sound like a very loving term for my beautiful daughter....but I did have her permission and she of course loves the lo....she at age 14 loves anything having to do with her!

The journaling is: off came those Rose-colored glasses, you have been anxiously looking forward to getting your braces on & you quickly discovered they hurt! but you are still cute!

Seriously ever since I told her she was getting braces she has been non-stop excited about how cute she is going to look and what color she is going to have...she has Orange her fav color on top and purple and black on the bottom at her boyfriends request....LOL...she does think she looks pretty hot (well actually the first day she thought she looked dorky but she is way over that now).

She is ALWAYS beautiful to me!

Thanks for looking!



ScrapAloha said...

Braces have come a long way haven't they?! I don't remember being so excited to get mine LOL. But if they had all those colors... well... LOL. Tell your DD she does look cute in them! ;)

Stacey said...

she is beautiful!!! love that LO

Martha said...

I love this page!!! Totally cute! I gotta do one of my son! :)