Thursday, June 5, 2008

My busy week of celebrating!

My oldest daughter Courtney graduated from High School! She was actually finished with school early and finally got to walk with her class. She has started working full time for T-Mobile and really loves it, she really is enjoying having $$!

She is planning on taking some night classes at the local college to get her general studies out of the way before deciding on a college. She is a brilliant girl...TAG student since 2nd grade and amazes me with her intelligence and maturity. I was so proud to see her walk across that stage tonight...but I couldn't help but feel a little old....26 years ago that was me! Congrats Courtney the future is yours!

Earlier this week we celebrated my dd Kelsey's SWEET beautiful 2nd daughter! Her laughter fills the house and makes it so alive! A beautiful soul! Happy Birthday Kelsey!

And another BIG dearest scrapping friend Anna...HAPPY BIRTHDAY TO YOU! I love you like a sister and always look forward to our chats! YOU are beautiful my friend!

Last day for school for my son Jacob today! Now officially a 4th grader! He brought home his 2 baby chicks also. Brian and him will build a chicken coop, Brian got a book with some really fun & funky designs! He is looking forward to a fun summer break! This picture of Jacob was from this morning waking him and letting him know it was his last day of can tell from that smile he was delighted!

One more celebration: My youngest daughter Kenzie got her braces today...she has been so excited to get them! Well of course she comes home and says "I look dorky" she will get used to them! You are beautiful Kenz....I'll post the pic of her braces when she gives in and smiles for is my little cutie before her braces! If you can't tell she is saying to me "Mom stop taking pictures of me" but I know she loves it! :)

And a different type of celebrating, a friend from work lost his wife this week after a battle with colon cancer. My heart goes out to you and your family Doug. I will celebrate Jane's life & her strength and courage. I am thankful her suffering is over...My thoughts are with you!

Thanks for joining in my week of celebrating!



Anna said...

Hi hon,

Where to begin. First I love all the pics you posted.

Congrats with Courtney ! You can be so proud of her. You have told me so much about her and I know she will do well !!

And Kelsey turning 16. Pheww time does fly don't you think. Your girls are so gorgeous. I envy you of all your kids they are so beautiful. I love the pic of Jacob and Kenzie is so cute with her braces :-)

I'm so so sorry to hear about your co-workers wife.

Thanks for the birthday wishes and you are so sweet posting a pic of me. I blushed when I saw it. I love you too you know.

I hope you have a great weekend.

Hugs and kisses from Iceland

Stacey said...

wow your kids are gorgeous!!!!Love the picture of Anna too that is one of my favorites of her. sorry about your coworkers wife..that is so sad...

Tracey Locher said...

Oh my gosh, what a week!!! Lots of fun and celebrations... until I got to the post about losing your friend and I got chills. I'm so sorry!! Colon cancer... we've been there... it is a bear!!!

Doug said...


Thanks for mentioning Jane and me in your blog entry. I just happened across it today.

Thank your for your prayers.