Sunday, May 11, 2008

Happy Mothers Day!

Card from my daughters...inside says
"Wherever did I get this attitude?"
LOL...this is perfect all 3 of my girlies are diva's,
each in their own individual way!

Mothers day would not be the same without a hand made card given with all the love in his heart...just brings tears to my eyes!

My only boy...I am blessed!

My beautiful flower from Jacob! Pure natural beauty. I was inspired to take this pic by the beautiful flower pics on Jane's blog... take a look at her photography this girls got it!

Hope your Mothers day was filled with mine!



ScrapAloha said...

Sweet!!! Happy Mother's day!! I had a great one too! ain't life sweet! {{{hugs}}}

Stacey said...

that is soooo sweet!!!! Hope you had a great Mothers Day!!!!

Jane said...

The card is so cute!!!!! you must have had a wonderful Mother's Day!!!