Sunday, September 9, 2007

Small disaster at my home

So yesterday we had some high wind gusts...and I heard a loud crash in the front of my house...then I heard an electicity sound...then all I could see were sparks flying everywhere from the front window. My 8 y/o son was just playing in the front yard with 3 of his dh & I quickly located all 4 boys, we were so scared they may have still been out there....thank goodness they were all in the house!!! The fire department responded quickly and put out the small house fire! We were all evacuated from the house for 4 hours sitting in a vacant lot playing a board game...waiting for the power company to arrive and disconnect the power line! There were 3 other fires/downed power lines around the same time here in we patiently waited our turn.

I feel so blessed when I think of all the "what if's" we areVERY fortunate! So we hopefully will have our power restored on generators and extention cords for now!

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Anna Dogg said...

Oh my Kathie this must have been so scary girl ! I'm so glad nobody got hurt and that the fire was only a small one.