Wednesday, September 5, 2007

Scandinavian Scrapbooking Mag!

I got this magazine in the mail today..highlighting my mini album "Faces I Love" if I could only read it! LOL ....if you can read it and it says bad this is an example of what not to do...then I don't want to know! Thanks for looking! Kathie

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Anna Dogg said...

My dear you don't understand danish ??? Hon of course I can translate this for you. The text says:
"This amazing album is made by Kathie Davis. You can use it as an inspiraiton to make one for yourself. An album like this is a great and beautiful gift for grandparentes if you use pictures of the children."

Then they say that the journaling is in english but they will translate it and then they do that.

Congrats with the pub ! I love this album.