Wednesday, August 1, 2007

Six Flags: Discovery Kingdom

Just thought I'd share a few pics from our quick trip to California...Six Flags Discovery Kingdom. We had a fantabulous time! Far left is me and my dear friend tweety just chillin (I'm the one on the right) ! Below Kaitlynn, Kenzie & Jacob enjoy the teacup ride! To the right Jacob gets a RAK from a young girl after he comments about her stuffed animal...he was so thrilled! Don't ya just love RAK's!

Left...Jacob discovered he has a talent for the water gun game...his dad wins at this everytime so we have decided that it must have been passed on to him too! Jacob won about 10 times at this game! Boy was he proud...and so was I!

It was a fun to quickly unpack the van and then pack up the motorhome...whew....I really am not sure I like these back to back trips! This one will be a little more laid back...camping, fishing, country music and my family!.........Have a great day! Kathie


Anna Dogg said...

Looks like you guys had lots of fun. I love the pics and I can't wait to see them on a page. I hope you will enjoy the next trip as much :-)

Karen Spears said...

Looks like a lot of fun!