Saturday, June 6, 2009

Rusty Pickle Amazing Race finalists announced!

Here is the announcement from the Rusty Pickle Blog of the finalists that will now compete in the "Amazing Race" to determine who will be added to the Design Team.

We have poured over your submissions. We have agonized over the decision all week. We had the hardest time narrowing it down to 10 finalists, so we decided to include 12 finalists instead. We hope you don't mind . So without further ado, the 12 ladies we would like to invite to take part in our Amazing Race are (in alphabetical order by first name):

Beth Root
Cathleen Smith
Dawn Gallop
Jodi Ethington
Julie Hill
Julie Walton
Kristi Egle
Mandie Dillard
Noeleen Acosta
Pamela Young
Sarah Carrington
Tiff Sawyer

We would like to thank everyone who submitted to our design team call. The entries were phenomenal and so very hard to choose from. We will be sending an e-mail to each finalist later today with directions on what to expect in the next step, the Amazing Race!

Congratulations and good luck! Check back soon for a look at our finalists' entries and for more details on our Amazing Race! Good Luck with the Race!

I CAN'T WAIT to work with you and get to know you better!!!

Congrats ladies!


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