Saturday, August 16, 2008

Oregon Coast

Here are a few images from our 9 day trip to the Oregon Coast. We started in Florence where we spent 3 days sandboarding and relaxing. The weather was amazing...beautiful blue sky and a little breeze...around 70 degrees back home it was hitting in the low 100's... a perfect time to getaway! As we headed down the coast there was this thick fog that just sat over the ocean, but it was still perfect weather!

Sandboarding is a little like snowboarding, you wax the bottom of your board then strap it on your feet and down the hill you sounds simple is if you are naturally gifted like my kids...for me I followed the simple steps and yes did head down the hill, faster and faster ...hey where is the steering wheel and brakes??? Yep I bit it but only a few times!

Then up the coast for 2 days in Newport and Lincoln City, where we spent time shopping at our fav factory outlet stores: PacSun, Aeropostale & Hollister. Building sand castles, playing card games...and yep a lot more relaxing & of course pictures.

Then our final 5 days of our trip spent up in the Northern tip of Oregon in Warrenton... we spent an entire day in the childrens fav we enjoyed the fun of the arcade, tilt-a-whirl, corn dogs....rented a fun flintstone type bike to cruise around on (I only lost my shoe once, holding up traffic).

OK...we still have 2 days left, so off to have more fun...take more pics (I think I'm over 1000 pics so far)



Anna said...

Amazing pics ! Looks like you had a great trip but I'm glad to have you back.

Stacey said...

those are great pictures!! Sounds like you had lots of fun!!!