Thursday, January 24, 2008

Kenzie & cast from play: Ha-ha house

Kenzie had a starring role as "Nellie Havershome" in her play.....she was a little nervous but did an amazing job! Nellie escapes from a mental institution and returns to her home looking for her husband (who is dead...rumored to be by her) and she is also searching for her lost priceless treasure given to her by her husband. When others hear of the treasure the hunt is on... meanwhile several are trying to scare others from the "haunted ha-ha house" the end the treasure is found and everyone but Nellie is disappointed! I laughed very was fun!


ScrapAloha said...

Congratulations on a starring role! Beautiful pictures as usual!

Anna said...

Your kids are so talented. Do they get that from you ??? :-)

congrats on the starring role ! your DD and DS are beautiful.