Tuesday, December 18, 2007

Courtney & Bill

Courtney (my oldest daughter) was honored last night at her high school for receiving a perfect score in Writing 121 at the local college!

Her final paper was on being sterotyped, something that many teens experience, she said the anger and hurt from her own personal experience flowed from her pen. With the end result being a perfect paper!

It was a fabulous ceremony to honor many students at South Albany High School, I was so proud to have one of Courtney's teachers personally seek me out and tell me of how impressed he is with my daughter, how intelligent she is and how I did a fabulous job raising her! (I cannot take credit...I have only encouraged her to use her mind and question things, not to accept things just because everyone else does...she has taken this to heart and learns from everything) I am so proud of you darling!

I took this pic after the ceremony of Courtney and her boyfriend Bill...I think it is a perfect pic on them!



Anna Dogg said...

First things first congrats with you DD Kathie. You must be so proud hon !

Second this is a fantastic photograph. You are become so much better at taking pics. Winning shot.

twinsand2boys said...

That is so great, tell her congrats! Love the photo!