Sunday, November 4, 2007

Seattle CKC

Such a fun weekend at the Rusty Pickle booth at the Seattle CKC! I wished I had time to wander around and see all the other booths but we were so busy it was hard to get away! I did manage to sneak away from the booth long enough to purchase a couple of things to ship off to my dear friend Anna of Iceland.

I loved being able to chat with other scrappers about different techniques to try and some of our fun new products. I really loved being able to just hang out and have an opportunity to get to know each other better...and the wine was fab too...thanks Beth! This was my first show (ever) so I really didn't know what to expect...thank goodness Casey was there to guide us thru the process! I also loved meeting Phil and Jil...Jil has a fabulous sense of humor and to my shock is not a scrapper, her passion is jewelery...I look forward to seeing her creations and eventully coverting her to scrapping too! Phil did a fabulous job...even with the stress of the cash register crashing! It was a fun weekend with Casey, Beth, Phil and Jil {aka Pashmina}


Anna Dogg said...

awww Kathie what have I done to deserve you are always watching out for me and sending me cool stuff. THANKS !

It's so much fun to see pics form Seattle CKC ...Look at all that yummy stuff :-)

Love !

ScrapAloha said...

Aloha Kathie. I love your pages (your newest christmas doggie), thanks for sharing! Maybe you can delete this comment after you read it ;) I couldn't find an email to privately to you...

I was just wondering if you had the time to send Tasha the photos yet. I really appreciate your doing this for me. I know you are doing out of the kindness of your heart. ;) I did email her, but I wasn't sure if she will respond or not. If she doesn't usually respond to things like this, do you think you could just let me know when she's seen it. Then I can move on so to speak Hee hee. mahalo. Thanks again so much! I look forward to seeing more of your inspiring work!